It was just a false alarm with my furnace

On Occasion, it’s hard to self-diagnose an HVAC system, then it’s not that I’m an HVAC pro or anything, however I usually have a firm grasp of what is wrong before calling the HVAC company.

Last week, I was sure I knew why our gas and oil furnace was acting strangely.

I wasn’t getting even heating throughout the house, then there was a bizarre smell in the house, and then the gas furnace didn’t work at all. I was sure there had to be some problem with the ducts and the clogs caused our gas furnace to stop working. I said this to the person who answered the phone for the HVAC company, then when she asked if I was an HVAC professional; I told her no. I had a little experience with HVAC systems, however not as an HVAC professional and only as a homeowner, however she told me she would get one of the HVAC pros to the house within the next 24 hours. I asked for an appointment because I had to get to work, but she said they would call before showing up. Lucky for me, it was Wednesday, and I didn’t work that day, however I still didn’t love her attitude. I could have taken off several days if she called me back at the end of the 24 hours. Two hours later, I got a phone call from the HVAC company to announce they would have an HVAC professional at the house the following afternoon at 8 AM. By 8 AM on the dot, the HVAC professional was knocking on our door. After an inspection, he agreed with our first assessment that the smell and noise came from a clogged ductwork system. The difference was that the gas and oil furnace quit working because the temperature control had died, and I needed a new temperature control.


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