It was time to improve air quality in the house

June was horrible with time, so she always found herself late for meetings and forgetting important dates. One would think she was delaying things on purpose. But, it was just a weakness her family had come to understand. A year ago, she managed to purchase her first home. The house wasn’t in the best state, but it was in a fantastic location. Her vision was to upgrade it and make sure it had better value. The first thing June had to do was upgrade the appliances in the house. Part of that means installing a new HVAC system. When June bought the house, it had an old HVAC unit that hardly worked. She used this to negotiate a better price and later embarked on changing the system. It took her two whole months to decide which air conditioning system to get. Time was of the essence, so her dad had to intervene. He finally forced June to decide, and eventually, the new HVAC system was up and running. It cost her a pretty penny to get the old unit removed and to patch up the ductwork. Once that was done, the next step was to install a whole-house air purification system. June delayed this too until one day she noticed the air quality in her home wasn’t great. That prompted her to call the HVAC experts to come and set up a whole-house air purification system. The system was one of the best in the industry and would help June feel much more comfortable in her home. As she got the system set up, her dad also took that chance to add a humidifier that would tackle dry air in winter.

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