It will be summer time again before you believe it

Before the two of us believe it, it’s going to be summer time again and I can hardly wait.

I am truly a summer time lady and I believe like the weather usually helps to determine my mood. If it’s yucky outside and it’s rainy or cold, I’m just not a ecstatic camper… However, if the weather is heating up and it’s nice and sunny, then my disposition greatly improves. I think I might have a little bit of that seasonal affective disorder that you’re always hearing about on the news. Anyway, I’m glad that the weather is finally heating up outside and that the sun is shining at last. I’m a little bit of a freeze baby, if you believe what I mean, periodically it’s hard for me to get hot and I barely ever turn the a/c on in the beach house until it’s the middle of the summer time and the temperatures are up in the eighties or the nineties. I do like to use the air conditioning system, but I would say that my a/c bills are legitimately much less costly than the other people in my neighborhood because I don’t use it easily often. However, I do try to keep up with the repair on the heating and cooling system in the house. I always put the annual Heating and Air Conditioning repair appointment on my schedule so that I won’t forget to call and make the appointment with my local Heating and Air Conditioning dealer, however now that I think about it, it’s legitimately just about time for me to do that once again for this year!

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