It won’t be cold for long inside

As I thought we had space heaters in this cabin, it turns out that it is actually a central HVAC system with radiators in each room which are controlled by a central smart thermostat that is controlled by the central HVAC system.

Honestly, I don’t know much when it comes to heat since I have always lived in warm climates and have never had to use it as a result.

We are now up in the northern part of the country, very close to the mountains, and it is a lot colder up there, so we have to keep the heater on all the time. In this whole town, I don’t think anyone has air conditioning, but with the way that climate change is heating up the globe, they may have to get some air conditioning in a few years when it becomes necessary. The town rarely experiences hot weather, even in the middle of the summer, since it is located far north, not too far from the North Pole. Having never been this far north before, I enjoy visiting, but I cannot live in a place without beach volleyball. We use a lot of heating during the day and at night, and we even have a fire burning in the fireplace most of the time. Occasionally, I would like to visit here, and if that works out, I may bring my roommate along with me. Her occupation is that of a heating and air conditioning technician in a store that is very close to my residence. She recently moved in with me. I kind of like her, but I will let her make the moves.

gas fireplace

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