It’s really hot inside the scuba suit

I absolutely love to go scuba diving. It’s one of my favorite activities when the weather is clear and the water isn’t too choppy. I have a small boat that my mom and dad gave me when I was 21 years old. The boat had a cabin below with a small bed, sink and toilet. I never go out on the water alone, because it’s dangerous to scuba dive without a partner. My best friend and I usually go on the weekends, when both of us don’t have to work. Last Saturday, the two of us went out to the reef to explore some areas where people spotted unusually large hammerhead sharks. It was really hot inside of my scuba suit. We were under water for a long while and I was feeling very tired. We came up to the surface and I decided to go down below deck to sit in the AC. I was never so happy that I decided to add AC to the boat. The air conditioning system did not come standard with this boat when my parents purchased it in 1990. I knew that an air conditioner was going to be extremely helpful if I planned to spend several days at a time on the water. I hired a special contractor to help me with the design. My best friend and I have been discussing taking the boat to the islands, but I still feel nervous taking her that far. I think waiting until next summer might give me some time to really get comfortable with the controls.

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