Just gained plans for a apartment and need assistance from an Heating and A/C provider

Yesterday my partner and I had purchased fifteen acres of land to build our first apartment together. My buddy and I got a unbelievable deal on the land and it is easily buildable, but just last yearwe drilled for a well and were able to reach water. And then yeahterday my friend and I gained the elevation and floor plans of our house from our builder. The square footage is 2,500! One of the first questions that our builder asked was if my friend and I knew what kind of Heating and A/C system my friend and I were using since my friend and I do have an open floor plan with a loft. I had no idea, and felt a little dumb saying it, even though I said that I would get back to him after I reached out to an Heating and A/C serviceman. I called a local Heating and A/C provider and he wanted to rest down and take a look at our floor plans. I wasn’t sure if my friend and I should go with a split system or two completely separate systems. All that my partner and I knew was that my friend and I wanted to go with a straight-forward Heating and A/C system. The Heating and A/C serviceman recommended that my friend and I go with a superior insulation and building qualities for our cabin so in the Summer when my friend and I run our a/c, we’re not losing it from bad insulated windows and walls. He also recommended that a possible Heating and A/C mini split system for the cabin would work as well with a split system for the rest of the floors with zoning control. I was looking forward to the completion of my apartment and seeing the effectiveness of the Heating and A/C properties that the Heating and A/C serviceman was suggesting.



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