Keep that a/c system running well

I don’t know what I would do without a fan in my bedroom at night.

Some people sleep in a really hot room and are fine with that, but I always need some kind of circulating air in the room at night to sleep or I wake up in a pool of sweat.

I think my metabolism is pretty fast and it makes me a hot sleeper, so keeping my room very cool at night is critical to having a good night of sleep. In the winter when it is really cold out I still sleep without any heating in the room and usually even have the window open to help assist in cooling me down. I have always liked a really cold bedroom when I sleep, and a lot of times I sleep alone because my lady likes it warmer and prefers to sleep in her own room. My girlfriend works at the heating supplier shop and I met her in this wine store when she used to hang out with her friends. It took me a while to ask her out because I always thought this guy that was hanging out with her was her boyfriend, but it turns out he is her brother. We are both working in the HVAC industry and get along really well, except for the fact that she likes a space heater in her bedroom in the winter. But I like mine like the Arctic Circle with the window open and my natural a/c system cooling me down in the heart of the winter season.

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