Learned a lot about wine at my cousin’s winery

My cousin seems to know a lot when it comes to making fine wine.

I never really thought about the process until I went to tour his winery on one occasion.

It was an interesting experience seeing how the wine is created. The thing that is most interesting to me is storing the wine properly. It turns out that most people plan for either short term storage of wine that might be ready to be sold, or long term storage. When you’re dealing with long term storage of wine, you need to have the perfect temperature control settings. The temperature control settings should be between 53 and 57 degrees. This will prevent the wine from spoiling and it will be able to mature gracefully. If you are looking for short term storage of the wine, the temperature control settings can be a little bit more relaxed between 50 and 59 degrees, but you don’t want to go out of that range. You need to have a reliable HVAC system that is properly maintained by HVAC professionals to be able to take care of the wine that you worked so hard to make. It’s definitely essential to invest in good HVAC equipment including humidifiers and dehumidifiers to keep the right humidity levels. It’s funny, I have been drinking wine for basically all of my adult life and I learned more about wine than I ever knew in a single visit to my cousin’s winery. I honestly should plan some more visits so I could learn more and pick up some of his award winning wine.


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