Love the new HVAC in the office

Well this time, it seems as though there really are going to be some changes.

So, I think I may slow my roll when it comes to taking a different job.

I told the big bosses that I’d for sure give them time to make the changes they said were imminent. I actually went to their offices with the zone controlled HVAC to let them know that I was entertaining other offers. And that was not an easy conversation. I had to be at the corporate offices inside that luscious zone controlled HVAC for some training. My regional office is several states away and has been a train wreck for years. I’ve been with the company for 20 years but was starting to entertain other offers because the situation at my office was so bad. The management there was terrible. These people were actually taking money from things like HVAC maintenance to make the numbers look better. And still, the numbers were very poor. But we seriously have one thermostat for an entire office when every other regional office has updated commercial HVAC. That should tell you something right there. For me, enough was enough. If the management team was going to fudge numbers with HVAC maintenance money, then it was time to go elsewhere. But I really didn’t want to do that given how vested I was with this company. However, I’d heard it all before and I wasn’t to confident any real change would happen. But when the HVAC professionals showed up to completely re-do our commercial HVAC after the management team was sent packing, I had hope.

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