Lunch was interesting

I had an interesting lunch the other day.

An old friend of mine who today works as a certified heat and a/c specialist met me for lunch.

We caught up on old times and new times, and it was really interesting to hear about his work in the heating and air conditioning business. He was telling me about so many things I had no idea about. Like he was talking about how installed radiant heated floors for someone last week. I had no idea what radiant heated floors were so he went on to explain. More or less, they are a heating system than runs on hot water pipes from your floor! But you have to have tile or wood flooring. If you have cement you can not get radiant heated floors. He also told me how he later this week is going to be installing a brand new and up to date central heating and air conditioning system. That sounded pretty complex as he was describing it. I never knew how complicated putting in a new heating and air conditioning system could be. Needless to say I am happy for him, but I can tell you that working in heating and air conditioning is for sure not for me! I am glad I do what I do. I am not a physical labor type person. It never was my thing and I could never see myself working in construction or being a certified heating and air conditioning specialist. My body wouldn’t be able to handle it!


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