Made the space so comfortable

My condo has an attached, screened lanai.

I realized that I loved the size and look of the space, but never wanted to sit out there.

The windows looked pretty and the glass door was gorgeous. The problem is that I never wanted to open the windows, because down south the outside temperature is never right. I didn’t want the hot, muggy summer time air blowing in or the cold winter air. I also didn’t want to sit in a space with no heating or cooling. So, I either sat inside our modern home with perfect HVAC or dealt with the breeze when I was working outside. My terrible lanai was ignored. I finally got smart and decided to update the space. I bought all modern windows and screens to make the space air tight. I then got a ductless HVAC device installed to provide heating and cooling. I now can sit that much closer to the outside but have the temperature control I want. I have made the space a sitting area and the other section our new home gym. Everyone prefers coming over to our place and sitting in that room. I enjoy being outside but getting the perks of being indoors. The large windows show a perfect view of the lake, sand and our gardens. I can happily sit in that room for hours now that I have the temperature control program that I want. The cost of the update is not that much when I consider how often I use the space. If I had to pay a dollar everytime I relied on the HVAC equipment, it wouldn’t take long to pay it back.
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