Mom kept saying her air conditioner was blowing out warm air

Mom and I talk every day.

  • I know she misses me being just a few minutes away like it was before the pandemic.

I was living in an apartment complex in the area, and basically had dinner at home each night when I didn’t have plans. Mom and I also did lots of things together during the weekend. I moved back home during quarantine, and our bond grew. However, in 2022, I had to relocate for work up north. This was the furthest we had ever been apart, and I knew it was affecting her. But she was so happy for me when I landed this amazing opportunity and even flew to the new city with me to help find the right apartment. After being with me for two weeks, mom flew back home, and I settled into my new position. Last Monday, we were talking about spending Christmast with grandma when mom kept saying her air conditioner was blowing warm air. That is why she had her fan out and was trying to remain cool. I knew mom had so much on her mind, and perhaps she had forgotten to get air conditioner maintenance during spring. She was in the middle of a speech about Christmas at grandma’s while fanning herself when I asked about the air conditioner maintenance. Mom stopped and said this had skipped her mind and maybe that was why the unit was blowing out warm air. I suspected this was an issue with dirty air filters, but I am not an HVAC technician. Mom would have to contact an HVAC company to send someone out to ascertain why this was happening. Then, they’d fix it and restore her good spirits.

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