My 2 daughters slept outside in the driveway

Both of us stayed at my aunt’s lake house way out in the country when the two of us decided to go there for trip several months ago.

It was a fun trip, but the two of us ended up not having enough room inside the lake house for all of us.

She’s got a houseful of people most of the time. While the two of us were there, 2 of her older kids came home from school unexpectedly as well as so there was even less room than there was going to be in the first site. Both of us started to worry about having enough room in the lake house for all of us, but my uncle told us that it wasn’t going to end up being an issue for us. She said that the two of us would be able to sleep out in the driveway in one of their RVs. They have 2 odd RVs that they take camping every now as well as then throughout the year. My uncle said that since they weren’t going to have enough room inside of the lake house for all of us, she would just have her wife go as well as pull up the RV closer to the house. It was easily chilly outside that night, as well as I was uneasy that the temperatures were going to be too chilly for them to sleep outside in a camper. But they got it all hooked up as well as my 2 daughters moved out there for the weekend. They thought that it was wonderful fun to live in the RV as well as so they didn’t mind at all. The only thing that I was uneasy about was the fact that they might not have enough heating inside of the RV. My aunt’s wife got the furnace up as well as running inside of the RV as well as by the time the women went to bed that first night, they were moderate as well as toasty inside of the RV. Apparently, the RV has a better heating plan in it than my uncle has inside of her house!


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