My brother loves to use my air conditioner to death

On school breaks my little sibling likes to come and stay with me rather than our parents.

I get it, our parents make him work, my dad typically will have our sibling do chores and our mom will get on him about cleaning his room.

With me, I just let him run wild. I cook for him, do his laundry and do whatever he wants in the evening. I need to start cracking down about how he treats my HVAC device though. I can tell he doesn’t pay energy bills by how he acts. He will set our temperature control to a ridiculously low temperature in the summer. When he gets too cold, my sibling will just open a window, turn off our AC! In the winter time he sometimes will open a window and snow will get in our house. It also is pretty regular for him to then leave the home as well, so I come home to my HVAC running on high and the window wide open. He usually forgets to lock the door on the way out too. When my sibling lives with me, my energy bills double. He will leave all the lights on, the TV on and eat all our food too. What am I supposed to do though? Until my sibling has a house of his own and starts paying for things like heating and air, he won’t get it. He doesn’t understand how annoying it is paying more money for heating and A/C. When the time does come, I will make sure to stay at his place and open windows with the HVAC running.

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