My brother never ceases with the jokes

My brother has always been a major jokester and pranker; He would always do frustrating things like putting saran wrap on the toilet.

I always get so mad. I remember the time he was messing with the temperature control settings to get a rise out of our parents! They didn’t guess it was funny when it was too hot in the condo and every one of us had a spike in the energy costs. Of course, they made our brother pay up the additional money on the energy costs, which I guess at the time was something like $5. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but back then it was fancy. Over the years on family vacations, he would always joke and ask something like what if the Heating and Air Conditioning plan failed and every one of us all roasted to death. My parents would tell him to quit joking. One time though, the Heating and Air Conditioning genuinely did chop down, everybody looked at our brother because every one of us all suspected that he had something to do with the mysterious malfunction. He promised that he had nothing to do with the abrupt AC plan malfunction and every one of us ended up getting another room luckyly. More recently, every one of us still go on our family vacations, and he still jokes around like this! This past time, every one of us were sharing a room at the hotel and he kept messing with the temperature control settings because he hooked himself up to the smart control unit! Well, I didn’t know there was a smart control unit. He kept saying the Heating and Air Conditioning was on the fritz and I better call the front desk. When I accused him of being behind this, he kept saying that I was watching him the whole time, and he never touched the control unit. I felt stupid when I really did call the front desk and they sent an Heating and Air Conditioning expert to our room.

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