My brother told me the cannabis could help prevent me from getting sick

Just like my brother, I encouraged all my buddies to invest in UV air purifiers as well

It’s quite interesting, I never really got into cannabis products until my brother started telling me about the benefits. This also wasn’t until the pandemic hit, so everybody was stuck in their homes. My brother told me all kinds of interesting things though like how cannabis actually is a natural antibacterial/antiviral medicine, so it can actually help prevent you from getting the sickness that has been going around and help treat it so you can feel better. It didn’t seem like a guarantee or anything, just something that could help you just like other beneficial things like Vitamin C or zinc. My brother also advised that I invest in a good UV air purification system to also help me from getting sick. These were all mainly preventative measures, but the cannabis was more than just helping my health, it was making me feel better during these hard times. I can’t explain to you the massive amount of anxiety I had been feeling and then I tried some cannabis and things changed. While the fear of getting sick was still there, the cannabis helped me to think about things in another way. I was able to turn off the television and appreciate the fact that I was still alive. I decided that it was better to live my life instead of trembling in fear like most people, and cannabis became a regular part of my regimen moving forward. Just like my brother, I encouraged all my buddies to invest in UV air purifiers as well. This made it easier to visit with my pals, and none of us has gotten severely sick, so I consider all of us lucky. But I do wonder if it has something to do with smoking cannabis all the time these days.

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