My campers were complaining to me.

I volunteered last year at a summer camp last year.

I was a counselor for the kids that came to the camp and it was the most amazing time of my life.

I was one of the lucky people who had a good air conditioner in my cabin. Most of the other cabins had a really old and shabby air conditioner in them that took a long time to cool the cabin down. My air conditioner, on the other hand, was new and worked great, at first. The first week of camp I enjoyed my nice air conditioner, but toward the end of the week I noticed it was starting to make some strange noises and it didn’t produce as much cool air. I checked the thermostat in the cabin to see if I had changed it and not remembered, but it was set the same way as before. I called the campground’s HVAC mechanic and asked if he could take a look at it. The HVAC mechanic took my air conditioner apart and found a small rock lodged in the fan on the air conditioner and was causing it to blow slower. After the HVAC mechanic took the rock out of the air conditioner, it ran smoothly once again and cooled our whole cabin. I found out later that one of my neighboring cabins had a kid that was angry with one of my campers, so he decided to toss a rock into our air conditioner to make the camp week worse for us. Luckily the kid was caught and kicked out and we got the air conditioner fixed.

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