My cat enjoys my space heater

This may seem like a funny thing however my cat particularly enjoys my space heater.

I’m not sure what it is about.

I suppose it’s also just the fact that it’s particularly warm. The thing is that my buddy and I do not live in temperatures that genuinely drop that low in the winter months; then normally it’s in the 50s or so here, although on an evening where it can get cold it can drop to the 30s… Every time there it does drop to the 30s my cat does the same thing, I’m telling you he doesn’t like the cold! So what does he do? What he does is as soon as he senses the cold even for just a second he runs back into the home whining plus then runs straight into the room with a space heater. I have to take him outside in the cold sometimes because I do not have a backyard plus I have to take him outside to let him go to the bathroom. My cat doesn’t like going outside when it’s cold at all. He’ll go plus he will run outside plus as quickly as possible use the bathroom before darting back into the home plus running straight into the bedroom where I keep the space heater. He’ll whine until he has access to space here plus then he will lie right in front of the space heater plus sizzle himself up. It’s genuinely particularly cute plus he looks so comfortable in front of the space heater. He often finds it great to take a nap there. I’m happy that he is so happy with space here, and then the person that bought the space heater was just as happy with it myself. It doesn’t do an excellent job keeping me sizzling in the winter months even if it isn’t undoubtedly cold. However, if someone gets absolutely cold it doesn’t need to be undoubtedly cold, and so it does what it was supposed to plus was well worth the money I paid for it.


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