My cat won't stop scratching my space heater

I don’t know what to do with my cat.

I guess she just likes to have her preferences on what she likes to scratch because despite having three scratching trees, not those tiny scratching posts, I’m talking full-size cat trees that are like 6 ft tall, tons of toys, and getting tons of attention she will still go back inevitably every time and scratch on my space heater. I’ve kind of learned to accept it at this point, part of having a cat is dealing with the claws and I do occasionally get scratched every now and then. My cat isn’t mean, in fact she’s very sweet and she doesn’t mean to scratch me when she does it. She just loves to play and goes a little bit too rough every now and then. I know some people declaw their cats but I would never do that. I recently learned that when a cat is declawed it’s not actually removing the nail but is actually amputating the first joint of the toe. And since a cat, unlike a person, walks on their toes and not on the ball of foot, it changes their entire natural gate and is very painful for them. My space heater may be a bit beat up, but it is working for me still and that is the main thing. I live in a colder climate and it is important that I have a lot of warmth to get me through the winter. Despite the ugly scratch marks it still manages to heat the house wonderfully. I will eventually get a new one from my HVAC company because my other one is getting old and I will need to replace it soon. I’m hoping that when I do, maybe my cat will leave the new one alone but I have my doubts. It doesn’t matter to me I just love my cat, I’m willing to sacrifice my space heater for my cat.



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