My Dad Sneaks Into My House to Service My HVAC System

He has no idea that I can see him on the security cameras through my phone

When I moved into my current house, my dad told me that he’d help me with my HVAC system a few times per year. I was adamant that he let me pay for an HVAC professional to service my HVAC system just like any other homeowner though. My dad worked hard and I knew he didn’t have the spare time to come to my house when I could pay an HVAC professional to do it. A few months after I moved in, I went to work like any other day. Around lunchtime, I got a notification on my phone that there was motion in my house. I panicked, thinking I was getting robbed! When I looked at the security cameras on my phone though, I realized it was just my dad. He’d snuck into my house with the spare key and was walking around with his tools. It didn’t take me long to realize that my dad was there to service my HVAC system. He knew I’d tell him no, so he went and did it behind my back. I contemplated saying something to him, but I decided against it. I’ve been living in this house for 4 years now and my dad is still “sneaking” into my house to service my HVAC system. He has no idea that I can see him on the security cameras through my phone. I let him do it though, because I love that he wants to help. I wonder what he’s going to do if there’s ever an issue with my HVAC system? I wonder if he’ll tell me.



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