My dog loves sitting by the vent in the living room

She was too adorable to wake up, so I chose to sleep on my comfy sofa

I didn’t know a pet can save your soul and help heal a broken heart until I found Libby. One evening, I was driving home from a friend’s after spending the entire time crying about my ex. As I was approaching my street, my headlights hit a bush in the area, and there she was, the tiniest thing. I stopped, got out, and used my phone light to find her. She was whining slightly, but the sound was faint. Given how cold it was outside, I knew this puppy wouldn’t survive the night. So, I got a small blanket from my car, wrapped her in it, and took her home. We have been together ever since, and I must confess that we saved each other that night. I made sure to turn on the heat in my car so she would be comfortable. This puppy was shivering so badly that I was worried she wouldn’t make it. I got home and immediately prepared a warm bath for her. At the same time, I adjusted the thermostat settings so that it was much warmer in the house that I prefer. Libby, as I later named her, enjoyed the bath, and seemed to bond well with me. After she was nice and dry, I found something for her to eat and drink before we went to see the vet the following morning. That night, I slept in the living room since Libby had found this spot near the vent and she fell soundly asleep. She was too adorable to wake up, so I chose to sleep on my comfy sofa. It’s been 2 years since we met, and Libby still loves lying near that vent during winter when the heating is on.

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