My favorite season of the year is the reason my energy bill dropped by 30%

I love the Fall because the weather begins to change and becomes a bit cooler outside.

Fall is also the beginning of the long-awaited holiday season, that time of year where we cozy up under blankets, spend time with our loved ones while we indulge in delicious foods. One of my favorite things about Fall is that I have the chance to wear scarves, sweaters, and boots for a few weeks out of the year. I get really excited about wearing these items because I believe Fall clothing is extremely fashionable and I love them. Living in an area that experiences warm and tropical climate, I welcome the change in temperature during that time of year. In addition, Fall means that I can increase the temperature of the thermostat on my air conditioner because the temperature outside is a lot cooler. Furthermore, there are always a few days where the temperature drops below the norm, so I can avoid using the HVAC system altogether. Currently, it has been 15 days since I last used my air conditioner, and I am positive that I will see a drastic change in my energy bill. Typically, my energy company emails me a summary of my energy usage, and the last email I received showed a significant decrease in the amount that I will pay for the month. It dropped by a whopping 30%, how awesome is that? I am excited for the savings because we experienced a severely hot Summer where I used my air conditioner more than usual which caused above average energy usage and incurred higher energy costs. I could use my 30% savings to purchase some new fashionable Fall clothing, but instead I will use it to reimburse my HVAC technician for an appointment I have at the beginning of the new year. I’m circulating the money that I’m saving from my energy bill in a responsible way.


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