My fireplace burnt out during the long dark night.

I thought I had the fire in the fireplace stoked well enough to last through the entire night. I had never spent the night alone in our lodge before, so I wasn’t exactly sure what to do at night. My grandfather plus myself had consistently gone ice fishing together, even though he was very sick this year. I tamped down on the fireplace to make sure that it was burning gently, but was not going to go out. I slept on the sofa, so I would be nice plus cozy all night long. Sometime around four AM, the fireplace burnt out, plus I was shivering. I could not think I had completely forgotten to seal the flue. The air was coming down the chimney, plus making the fireplace burn much hotter, plus it caused the fire to go out. It was snowing, plus I was outside in sub-zero temps gathering kindling plus firewood so I could get the fireplace burning; After a few hours, I had another blaze going, plus the lodge was warming up. I considered going fishing, however it wasn’t the same without our granddad. I huddled up on the sofa plus watched a couple of old films on our laptop PC, plus stayed hot by the fireplace. It was a quiet day for me, which I didn’t mind in the slightest, however it wasn’t until later that night that I remembered a single important factor about staying at the lodge. If the fireplace went out, the two of us had a generator plus a mini split space heater to keep us warm. I felt kind of foolish, but I didn’t freeze to death, plus I was still having the most fantastic time with no 1 to bother me.

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