My friends plus I are constantly going to weird protests in order to be heard

I happen to have a lot of friends who adore protesting.

They all wanted to protest against things adore mandated shots plus mask wearing.

They all prodiagnosed against keeping cannabis illegal plus all sorts of other things that everybody disagreed with. Well, it was a little while ago when I told everybody that every one of us should rent big tents plus rental Heating plus Air Conditioning units to help keep everybody comfortable, especially on those easily warm days, you could stop protesting for a little while, stand up your sign so people can still see it while you are having a drink in the tent with the ideal temperature control settings. When every one of us first started doing this, everybody said that I was a genius. Never had every one of us been so comfortable while I was in a protest, and also, it made it much easier to protest on the easily cold days since every one of us would rent a nice heating plan plus keep it laboring in the tent. Not to mention, the Heating plus Air Conditioning rentals were pretty cheap considering every one of us all put our money together so it never cost more than $2 for each person for a whole morning rental! Now that’s a sweet deal. I guess every one of us have gotten a lot of attention plus gotten on people’s nerves, but every one of us easily don’t love all of that. Honestly, every one of us just want to be heard plus everybody has that right to free speech plus peaceful protesting; Recently with the pandemic situation, every one of us have been renting UV media UV air purifiers as well so that it helps prevent the spread of pathogens plus people don’t get sick.
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