My house smells a lot better after replacing my old air conditioner filter

It’s hard maintaining a clean indoor environment when you have three dogs and two cats.

It wasn’t always this way, but we got one pet after the next as we had children and our family naturally grew.

We had one cat and one dog at the beginning, which were easy enough to handle between my wife and I. Now that we have five pets, a lot of the care and responsibilities fall on the shoulders of our children who were the ones who asked for more pets as the years went on. Even if they do all of their chores and clean up after our cats and dogs daily, it doesn’t totally remove the pet odors from our indoor air. Even after I had all of the carpet removed and replaced with laminate flooring throughout, we still notice pet odors when we come home and open the front door. One of my coworkers shares a similar problem as he owns two fish tanks and a lizard. He told me that he managed to get his odors down significantly in his house by simply putting an odor blocking filter in his air conditioner. These filters have a coating of activated charcoal crystals that absorb airborne odors as they move through your air conditioning system. Although I was skeptical a single filter could make a difference, I decided to buy one and give it a shot. Within an hour of the air conditioning running with the new filter inside, I was already noticing an improvement in the pet odors inside the house. After a day, it got even better. Now I buy these new odor blocking filters exclusively and I replace them every three weeks.


Washable filter

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