My husband wants to go through the hassle of getting radiant flooring

My husband has tastes that are different from mine.

We both grew up in families of different cultures, and that meant we both had different meals on the dinner table as kids.

My husband comes from an Italian family while I come from a South African family. Well I was used to growing up eating braai for special occasions, my husband’s dinner table featured pastas and tomato sauces in contrast. But the difference between the two of us just made things more interesting. It would have been more boring if we’d grown up in the exact same cultures and had nothing to bring to the table. Unfortunately we have a lot more differences that are far beyond anything that’s cultural. We have different tastes when it comes to indoor temperatures for one. My husband likes it warmer in the house while I like it colder. It means that we often fight over the temperatures we said the thermostat to throughout the day and night. In addition to the temperature differences, my husband and I also want a different eating system for the house. We need to replace the crappy electric furnace that’s in here right now, but we can’t agree on the replacement heating system. My husband wants to go through the hassle of getting radiated flooring, he doesn’t realize the difficulty of maintenance. Sometimes the floor is to be ripped up and redone if there’s a problem with a section of the radiant flooring. If there’s water involved, there’s always risks of leaks and water damage. I hope I can convince him otherwise in regards to his feelings on radiant heated flooring.


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