My husband’s dad taught him to fix things

One of the things that I like the most about my husband is the way that he knows how to fix almost anything.

It’s a real turn on, if you want to know the truth.

I love a man who can take care of things around the house and who isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. It’s nice that he’s able to fix the car and any of the appliances that break. We never have to call a repairman for things around the house including plumbing and heating and air conditioning repairs. I know for a fact that we have been saving all kinds of money over the years by him being able to fix our heating and cooling system. We tend to have all kinds of troubles out of our old oil furnace and our old central air conditioning system. But, being the kind of people that we are, we always try to fix things instead of buying new ones. It’s usually okay because of the way that my husband can fix all kinds of things, but I think that one of these days here soon, we are going to have to give up and go ahead and buy a new furnace. My husband is really great at fixing things, though, and it’s all because his dad taught him how to fix lots of stuff around the house. I’m glad that he paid special attention to the furnace system, though, because otherwise, we would have been out a furnace years ago! He’s been able to keep it running much longer than it probably should have been.

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