My kids used to pretend to be Heating plus Air Conditioning specialists

When they were little, our kids used to pretend to be Heating plus Air Conditioning specialists whenever they were playing make believe.

  • That’s because their aunt was an Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist plus they thought that he was the coolest guy ever.

He used to come to the home to see them sometimes on his lunch chop plus he would drive up the driveway in his Heating plus Air Conditioning truck. He would also let them look at all of his tools plus sometimes he would even let them pretend appreciate they were working on heating plus cooling systems with him. He taught them a whole lot of odd things about heating, ventilation, plus air conditioner before they were even five years old, so I believe it’s truly not a shock that they truly wanted to play plus pretend that they were Heating plus Air Conditioning specialists too. One of our number one pictures of our two kids together when they were little is 1 where they are dressed up in their little pretend uniforms plus they were pretending to work on the air conditioner vents in the house. They were on the floor by 1 of the air conditioner vents in the family room. They look so cute in this picture that I had it framed. I gave a copy of it to their aunt for Christmas 1 year plus he hung it up in the office at the Heating plus Air Conditioning plan where he works. I’m pretty sure that 1 day, at least 1 of our kids will go to school to get their Heating plus Air Conditioning certification. Honestly, I would not be all that surprised if both of them did it.

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