My neighbor won't stop talking about her new heater

My neighbor is one of the nicest ladies you ever meet.

Unfortunately she’s also one of the most chattiest.

She just loves to talk, and I know that it makes her happy but when she tells me about the same thing over and over it can become a little bit annoying. Most recently she has been telling me about a brand new heater that she got. As a matter of fact, it is all that she’s been talking about. This brand new heater is a furnace from her local heating and AC corporation. She tells me that this furnace is a gas furnace and she has been telling me all the wonderful benefits of gas furnaces versus oil furnaces and the intricate details of HVAC systems. I don’t particularly care about it all honestly, but I listen because I know it’s something that she likes to talk about. I do wish she would stop however because it has been going on for a month now. Every day when I go and see her she’ll just go and tell me all about her new furnace. However, me and her are good friends, so while it might be a little annoying every now and then I wouldn’t trade our friendship for anything. Like I said, she is a super nice lady and if I let her talk all day she will. She is a great conversationalist and can really make your day. So it’s all worth it. After a few more weeks she finally changed the subject and now she’s talking about how she’s going to get a new air conditioning system too. She’s telling me that she’s had her eye on a portable system and not an AC and she’s considering getting a window air conditioner. As a fellow owner of a window AC I encouraged her to get one because they really are great little units.

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