My sister has gotten really bad over the years with drinking

I used to think my brother was bad back in the day with his drinking habits, but my sister became a much worse alcoholic. My brother used to party hard, especially in his college days. I did a little partying during that time in my life too, but I wasn’t a major alcoholic. I would only drink on social occasions. My brother always enjoyed the drink, even if he was alone relaxing in front of his fireplace. My sister, on the other hand, became so bad. She used to be a total angel, but now she is outdrinking everybody. I tell her all the time she needs to slow down, but she tells me not to judge her. That’s if she’s being nice though, sometimes she will tell me to shut up and get her another beer. She really pushes on my nerves sometimes, but I always try to keep my cool. Speaking of cool, she is a fiend when it comes to the air conditioning. She always tries to mess with my thermostat. She is regularly trying to crank the A/C and she will set the thermostat as low as 65 degrees! I don’t want my house to feel like Antarctica, I want to just feel comfortable. I usually prefer the temperature control settings to be between 72 and 74 degrees, not any higher or lower than that! She doesn’t care though and I just leave her alone when she is drinking because I don’t want to get into a fight. As soon as she leaves though, I adjust the temperature control settings right back to the ideal levels.


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