My sister is bothering me this week

My sister has been living at my condo for the past 3 months, when she moved in, I knew that she was absolutely going to stay for a while; Her life has been a mess for the last couple of years. She has been in plus out of rehab plus in a bunch of weird relationships. When my sister said that she was going to come plus stay with me, I told her that there would be no drinking plus drugs in the house. She agreed to the rules plus told me that she was going to meetings every week. She showed me her 60 afternoon trip from NA, then it particularly has not been that excruciating having my sister at the condo plus it is particularly clear that my sister is trying to stay sober. She attends meetings plus she got a task at a grocery store a couple of blocks away from my place. She walks to work every afternoon plus comes home every evening, however things are pretty good except for the fact that my sister prefers to adjust the control component temperature. I keep the control component temperature at 70° for a couple of weird reasons. It’s energy efficient for the unit plus it keeps the bills low. 70° is the most comfortable setting for me; My sister prefers the temperature in the condo to be 72 degrees plus she will not stop decreasing the control unit. I threatened to get a smart control component with a lock code plus she told me that she would complain to Mom plus Dad if I did something stupid like that.

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