My up-to-date cooling system was installed on a 100 degree afternoon

Weather lately has been entirely brutal.

The Summer season started early as our cool Spring temperatures fell off by early April.

Well, that is usual for this part of the country, last year we had a much longer Spring season with cooler temperatures. I remember having the boiler on at the start of May last year because of how cold the Spring was. My buddy and I had temperatures down in the 40s at times throughout the Spring season! But this year it was completely different. I knew instantly once we had more than 2 weeks straight of 78 degrees up to 78 degrees in temperatures that I would be using my cooling system a lot more this year. However, I wasn’t expecting the cooling system to break down before the start of the Summer season proper. I had been using the cooling system so much in the Spring that it simply broke down right as Summer was start to start. I called the heating as well as cooling corporation to see if they could come out as soon as possible to install the up-to-date Air conditioner. The afternoon they eventually came out for the cooling system installation, the temperature was 100 degrees outside. I cannot even imagine getting up in an attic to install an cooling system when it’s 100° outside. But that is what these Heating as well as A/C professionals do everyday, afternoon in as well as afternoon out, however since it was so hot outside I decided to make fresh lemonade for the two Heating as well as A/C professionals that were installing my system. They were thankful for the Cold lemonade especially once they got done with the whole process. I’m very thankful for all of the taxing toil these men do installing cooling systems every single afternoon.

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