My wife picked up the slack when I got disfigured on the ice

Both of us have a long driveway and we have been getting a fantastic deal of snow lately.

Because of this, I have been having to keep up with all the shoveling and snow blowing, and unluckyly, the weather has been insane with overheated and cold rapidly decreasing temperatures and both rain and snowfall.

Both of us would get slammed with a ton of snow and then it would be raining a little later and then I would have a day of sunlight in the midst of the winter. The weather has been insane but it also caused a ton of ice to form on the gravel driveway thanks to all the snow melting and then the rapidly decreasing temperatures freezing the water. I was out there shoveling and I ended up slipping on the ice and took a nasty fall. I ended up having to get our wife to take over with the snowblowing which I assume wasn’t easy for her. I easily was comfortable wonderful next to the fireplace and increasing the temperature control settings on our smart control unit, but I felt really useless… At least I was able to watch some shows that I meant to catch up on, but I felt poor for our wife because she was in the dangerous conditions that got me disfigured in the first locale. When I told her I wanted to help, she yelled at me and said she needed me to continue wonderful in front of the fireplace so I could reclaim, and then I could shovel as much snow as I could handle. She entirely is the perfect wife.

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