My wifey prefers cold un-even temperatures when she is watching a show or a film

When I was walking to the bedroom to speak to our wifey about something, I was particular she was watching her number one tv show, ‘Love plus Hip Hop.’ I knew because of all the obnoxious shouting plus screaming going on, then i suppose it’s amusing that she watches reality shows adore this, because to myself and others it’s mostly just a bunch of goofballs acting out… Kind of adore that former reality show, ‘Jersey Shore.’ She was easily into that show plus especially the follow up shows adore the trip show they did, plus the double shot at adore show they did.

I honestly watched the shot at adore show though plus genuinely it was kind of interesting, then still, most of these shows are nothing but drama… On top of that, our wifey constantly cranks the cooling system in the room when watching.

I don’t guess why she prefers to be so cold in the room, however she still wraps blankets around herself, so it’s not adore she’s feeling cold, however usually there will not even be any leftover blankets for myself and others to remain moderate plus she won’t share the blankets with myself and others because she prefers to be wrapped adore a burrito. Occasionally I ask if she will adjust the temperature control settings for me, however she kindly refuses because she doesn’t want to be uncomfortable. I’ll tell you, she likes going to the Dipson Theaters, however she constantly brings a bunch of throw blankets with her! The theaters constantly have the temperature control settings of her preference; ice-cold conditions! I constantly have to bring our coat when every one of us go out to see a film, even in the summer.


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