My youngsters want to go to the zoo later on this week however the temperature isn’t cooperating

My youngsters legitimately want to go to the zoo later on this week however it has legitimately been freezing around here this week.

I sincerely feel like the temperature outside should have started heating up by now, however it hasn’t, and usually it is warmer by the first week of April, however it’s still legitimately freezing right now.

I don’t know what’s going on with the weather, although I for one am ready to see the sun again. I recognize that the winter season weather lasts easily too long around here. I wouldn’t mind moving anywhere warmer, to tell you the truth. Unblessedly for me, my husband’s whole family lives around here where the weather is always freezing. He does not want to transport away, however I complain about the freezing weather every single year. I mean sincerely, if my wonderful friend and I lived anywhere else, I could take my youngsters to the zoo all the time, right now, my wonderful friend and I can only go a few times during the Summer because it is too freezing the rest of the year! I told them that I would go ahead and try it, although I am definitely not looking forward to it, then at least some of the zoo exhibits have boiler systems installed inside of them. Most of the time, when my wonderful friend and I go to the zoo in the winter season my wonderful friend and I are so freezing that my wonderful friend and I don’t even love ourselves at all. Hopefully, they will also have all of the portable heating units set up around the zoo and turned on full blast too. If not, my wonderful friend and I might regret going!


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