Never been a fan of flying, and now they lost my luggage

I have never been a huge fan of flying, so I don’t know how I let my friend talk me into going on a flight out west.

I would have preferred to drive, but he said we didn’t have time for all that driving.

He also mentioned how exhausting it is. When I suggested going on a train, I mentioned how we could have our own temperature control settings if we were to book a roomette. Of course, he was talking about how slow the train is to take. So there we went getting our round trip tickets for an airline. Before I knew it, we were up in the air and I was trying to adjust the temperature control settings at the seat. Unfortunately, you can only adjust the speed of the air flow, but you can’t change the actual temperature. I hadn’t been on a plane for the longest time and I thought they were going to give us some sort of meal, but they didn’t. All we got were drinks and snacks on this long flight and I was heavily disappointed. I felt like I was going to starve when we got to our connecting flight, but fortunately there was a good eatery there with great temperature control settings. The connecting flight didn’t seem as bad as the first plane, but I was thankful when we finally touched down at our location where we got our rental car. It was so much better driving around, but I was disappointed when I learned my luggage was missing. They said they would call me if they found it, I was so mad. That would never have happened on a train or by driving.

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