Newton chose the oil furnace for his house

Newton finally saw the light at the end of the longest tunnel in his life.

The house was almost complete, and he couldn’t be happier.

Given that this was his first house, he was completely shocked at how much work there was with such an undertaking. He hired a contractor who at first frustrated him to the point of going to court. Finally, the judge forced the contractor to finish the job at the agreed schedule. They were finally at the point of discussing the right heating system for the house. Newton’s friend had suggested he look into a furnace or a heat pump. These heating systems would keep the house comfortably warm during the long and brutal winter months. Newton liked the furnace systems but still had to choose between gas, oil and electric furnaces. They had their benefits, but he could only choose one. He opted to do some more research and concluded the oil furnace was the best. The house was big and would require lots of heat to keep warm. With an oil furnace, he’d manage to generate lots of heat since oil burned at a very high temperature. Another reason he opted for the oil furnace was reliability. He was in charge of the oil, which was his main source of energy for the unit. However, he had to find a specialist in oil furnaces to install them properly to prevent any problems in future. Though an oil furnace was the best for a big house, it was also risky if poorly installed. Having oil around meant the possibility of a fire burning n down the house in case of any negligence. All this was crucial information that Newton learned as he researched different heating systems.



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