Night flying is best

Every time I need to take a plane somewhere in the country I always like to fly at night.

The reason for this is because there are less people on the flight which means that the central air conditioning and heating system in there will have much better air flow.

Also the air quality is much better too. When there are less people it makes for better air quality on a plane for some reason. It sort of makes sense to me in a way. But I got real tired of having to deal with bad heating and air conditioning on a plane and having wall to wall people all crammed in like a tug boat. It was really not making me want to fly. It was when a friend told me about flying at night being so much better that I gave it a try and those were my findings. I will never fly in the daytime again and have to deal with bad air quality and bad heating and air conditioning. Especially if I am on a long flight somewhere I want to be able to have quality heating and air conditioning. If it is winter it can get pretty cold in a plane, and if summer it can get pretty hot. And having quality heating or air conditioning is an important thing. This helps fight it off and everything. I look forward to flying at night also because I can actually get some good rest not being crammed together with people.

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