No AC after a beach day wasn’t what I planned

Last summer, my family and I went to the beach.

It was the first time our family had gotten together for a trip in a long time, so we were all looking forward to spending time together.

One day after returning from the beach, we found the house extremely hot and humid. At first, we thought the air conditioning had been turned off, but when we adjusted the temperature control, nothing happened. There was no air conditioning. After explaining our concerns about the temperature control to the company that owned the vacation home we rented, they sent a technician to repair the problem immediately. The repair would still take a couple hours. Everyone was cranky after a long day in the sun, and we didn’t want to stay in a hot, humid house. So we went out to dinner. The HVAC serviceman had just finished his work at our vacation home when we returned from the diner where we enjoyed the air conditioning. Our air conditioner was working again within fifteen minutes. Thanks to the HVAC company that cooperated with us. We also appreciate the rental company’s cooperation. In an air-conditioned space, we were able to relax and feel comfortable.
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