No reason to have HVAC problems

Unless you’re trying to get one more Summer season from an very old heat pump, the air conditioning shouldn’t be a problem.

Of course, that’s not the way it was when I was much younger. At that time, I didn’t have my own HVAC equipment and had to deal with commercial HVAC in apartments. Suffice it to say that I never, ever saw an certified and licensed HVAC professional come perform any sort of HVAC maintenance on the heat pump. And I don’t imagine that’s anything rare. But when I became a homeowner, I chose to be really conscious of my heating and cooling equipment. For me, becoming a homeowner was sort of a big step into adulting in a big way. There is something about paying a mortgage that will do that to a person. For a lot of people, parenthood is the thing that snaps them into adult mode. But for me, it was putting my entire life savings into a house. Well, it was my new wife’s life savings as well. I could never have gotten into homeownership alone. We got the previous owner to negotiate the price down since we were willing to accept the existing HVAC equipment. After some due diligence and proof of HVAC maintenance, we were good with taking over the 11 year old heat pump. And it has served us quite well. We started with the HVAC service plan right away once we closed on the house. And in the ensuing 8 years, we’ve never missed an HVAC maintenance appointment. So why in the world am I seeing so many HVAC vans in my neighborhood this Summer. My guess is not enough people were getting the air conditioning tune up in the Spring.

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