Nobody wanted the kids to get married

I knew that my son was dating someone when he was 15 years old.

I tried to get information from my son but he was very quiet about his girlfriend.

I figured it was due to the fact that he was young and it was his first girlfriend. I honestly didn’t think that they were having sex, so my husband and I were both surprised when he came home from school to tell the two of us that his girlfriend was pregnant. He was 16 at the time and she was 15 years old. They were both freshmen in high school and barely knew how to take care of themselves. Nobody wanted the kids to get married. They were planning to elope because they didn’t need permission to get married in this state if she was pregnant. My wife and I met with her parents and they were ready to force her to get rid of the baby. My wife and I decided to let her move into the house with our son and they did get married. We thought it was going to be a disaster, but they are still together 5 years later. Both of the kids managed to get a high school diploma and my son is now working as an HVAC repair technician. He earns good money in the HVAC repair field. The HVAC business also gives him medical and dental insurance for his whole family. His wife stays home with their two kids and takes care of the house and all of the cooking and chores. The kids have a much better relationship than half of the couples that I know.

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