Our church has several ductless mini splits

The worship center of our church has several ductless mini-split heating and cooling units.

So to speak, it was wholly a prayer answered.

My friend and I had relocated into this historic church from our neighborhood, which we were renting. Although my friend and I were happy to have a new structure, the church’s heating and cooling system was completely outdated. My colleague and I wanted to purchase something that would actually be energy efficient. My friend and I began looking for a solution that would benefit both the congregation and the building because we didn’t want to have to spend a lot of money on heating and cooling the church throughout the year. My friend and I had no choice but to replace the building’s outdated heating and cooling system because it was so ineffective. My friend and I were going to have to essentially start over from scratch, but neither my associate nor I knew exactly where to start. Finally, my partner and I established a committee that would be in charge of locating the ideal heating and cooling system for our needs. They spoke with a regional provider of commercial HVAC and air conditioning who focuses on places of worship. The commercial HVAC supplier suggested that my friend and I remove all of the outdated heating and cooling equipment and replace it with ductless mini split air conditioners. These are very quiet, which is perfect for a Tuesday afternoon! Amazing temperature control is offered by them. In addition, the air conditioning, ventilation, and heating units look fantastic outside in the building’s sanctuary. I’m happy that my friend and I were able to purchase ductless mini splits.

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