Our Heating and A/C warranty says that we have to get repair twice a year

Our Heating and A/C warranty says that we have to get professional repair work done on it twice a year, i do not feel why that is… That’s just the way that the contract is written with the Heating and A/C supplier that services the Heating and A/C system, when we first purchased our modern central Heating and A/C plan last year, I wasn’t easily paying all that much attention to the repair terms, however at that point, I was just pretty happy about the fact that we were going to have a modern high efficiency heating and cooling plan in our house! Our former Heating and A/C plan had been just terrible, and we easily were in need of a modern one.

  • I was so happy that we were going to be having dependable heating and cooling in our condo that I did not easily pay much attention to the good print in the contract that we signed that day.

It’s a good thing that my husband entirely read the good print much more closely than I did, because he knew in the back of his mind that we were going to have to get official repair work done on the heating and cooling plan in order to maintain the gas furnace warranty; Last month,as fortune would have it, he decided to get the gas furnace looked at by our local Heating and A/C professional. It turned out that we were having the tune up done just a couple of days before the Heating and A/C warranty would have been voided if we had not had it done. I’m ecstatic that he thought about doing it because I would have hated to void our warranty!

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