Our kids are being sneaky with the thermostat!

Our kids arrive home from school and end up being alone at the house for two and a half hours before either me or my wife gets home.

The vast majority of the time, we find the house to be in order with nothing broken and all three of our children behaving relatively well.

Although, I have to admit that there’s possibly a lot going on that we simply are not privy to. One thing my wife and I have suspected is that the kids are changing the temperature on the thermostat the moment they get home from school, and then changing it back as soon as they see us pull up into the driveway. If it’s summertime, anytime they’re home alone, it seems that they crank up the air conditioner farther than we want it to go. We do try to save on our energy bill costs, after all. In the winter, I have even more reason to suspect that they crank up the heat when it’s really cold outside, because I always notice that it’s a little warmer when I walk through the door, and then things get a little cooler. I’ve never actually seen a different temperature on the thermostat when I go over to inspect it, but I think I know what’s going on. Our energy bills are even a little more costly than I would have anticipated. Those hours of being away from home, during which our kids may or may not be messing with the thermostat add up, after all!


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