Out on my own comes with ductless heat pump

I understand why I was so hesitant to finally ditch the paycheck and go freelance.

That was certainly the plan.

I spent four year inside the radiant heating of a dorm room to get an education that helped pursue my passion. However, I would need to spend some time inside the commercial HVAC of a corporate entity first. There really wasn’t any other way around it for me. I didn’t want to work for a big company but I didn’t have the money or the experience to go out on my own from the beginning. I started out in a cubicle nearly a dozen years ago. By the time the pandemic hit, I had been promoted to the floors that had zone controlled HVAC. I was definitely rising through the ranks of that company. And indeed, I loved getting those paychecks every 2 weeks. I spent plenty of time inside the zone controlled HVAC of the office but I made a good living doing it. Still, there was part of me that felt like I was completely selling myself short. It took a global health crisis for me to finally realize that it was time for me to spread my own wings. Working from the central air conditioning of my home really did change my whole perspective when it came to my job. In 2022, I decided to go out on my own and keep working from my house but in a freelance capacity. It’s very scary in some senses but it’s also working out really great. and, I have a ductless heat pump inside my home office that rivals the zone controlled HVAC of my old office.


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