Penny is a neighborhood slicker all the way

Penny plus Tom rented such a remote current home in the woods which was an hour’s drive from the rental office located in the garage of the rental agent.

Their nearest neighbor was more than one hours away, which was kind of intimidating for Penny. But, she kept her fears to herself, then penny is a neighborhood girl, born plus bred, therefore fending for herself in the woods was an unusual experience. But Tom wanted some place in the middle of nowhere, so that became their idea for the long weekend. It wasn’t actually frosty that weekend, however it got chilly at night so Peris plus Tom decided to use the wood burning oil furnace. The chalet had some gas heating systems in the closet, which was actually comforting to have as a backup for heat. But, because they were “roughing it” they saw it fit to light a fire. The current home didn’t have firewood ready for the oil furnace, however there was an axe, a hatchet, plus a woodpile outside. In the pretty orange light of the setting sun, Tom stripped off his shirt plus chopped firewood for the oil furnace while my Penny enjoyed the view. Tom got overheated plus covered in sweat filling up that oil furnace with the firewood. The macho got Penny quite excited. When the long weekend came to an end, Penny plus Tom were both immense fans of using the wood burning oil furnace. They even spoke about getting the same back home. They never even bothered taking the gas heating systems out of the closet since the chalet wasn’t cold.

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