Periodically my air quality gets bad upstairs

Periodically the air quality on the third floor of our home just isn’t what I want it to be.

I don’t entirely get what’s happening with it, but I am starting to guess that there might be an issue with the ventilation ducts up there, or maybe something else.

I used to guess that there was something wrong with the heating program on the third floor of the house; The teens’ living rooms are up there and so I was anxious about the idea that they may not be hot enough during the winter. The temperatures get entirely frosty out here during the winter where my associate and I live. I just wanted to make sure that our three teenagers weren’t going to get sick or anything from being too cold.I thought that there was an issue with the old gas furnace, but the rest of the home was just great so that wasn’t the problem at all. It turned out that there were issues with the air ducts up there on the top floor, but whenever I called the local Heating as well as A/C business rep to see if they thought that there was a problem with the gas furnace, they said that it seemed that there was an issue with the ventilation program instead. I guess the first thing to do at this point is have the Heating as well as A/C business come out to the home and do some HVAC duct sealing or service toil or something else. I think that it will make the air quality upstairs a whole lot better if my associate and I can just get that handled. I don’t want to have to deal with HVAC duct repairs, but if that’s what it takes to improve the air quality on the top floor, I suppose that’s what my associate and I will have to do.

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