Protecting and maintaining a ductless heat pump: Homeowners guide

Since a HVAC system is one of the most expensive purchases in our homes, it is only wise that we take good care of them in order to prolong their lifespan.

These systems serve us interchangeably through all the seasons.

Be it in a commercial building or a residential building any HVAC unit should be treated tenderly and it would reciprocate. Regular servicing of your unit is essential in conserving energy and lowering utility bills. A ductless heat pump is a HVAC unit that heats or cools a space through an energy-efficient vent-free system. This unit has outdoor central heating and an indoor electric furnace. The indoor unit is maintained by keeping the air filter clean at all times. As a homeowner, I learned how important it is to hire a local contractor to help in the proper placing of the furnace before completing the heat pump install. To provide quality heating, the unit should be placed where there are no obstacles and where there is proper drainage. Even with the routine checkups that I perform on the unit, it is important I schedule annual heating services on the unit from a trained heat technician. For the zone control unit, you need to constantly inspect the thermostat to ensure that the unit is functioning properly. One energy saving tip I have learned over the years is to set your temperature to low when I am not in the house and when I am sleeping. My gas fireplace once had a leak and we were almost poisoned by carbon dioxide. Fortunately, a routine checkup revealed the issue on the fireplace. My dual fuel system has lasted more than a decade, it is going on 13 years.


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