Reading the HVAC warranty

Hey, here’s an idea, learn that HVAC warranty.

This was something that should be required studying for any homeowner out there.

I learned just how important it is to make sure you understand some particulars in that HVAC warranty. Sometimes lessons like this needlessly become quite luxurious lessons. Man, was that ever the case in my situation. But again, studying the HVAC warranty should be required for every homeowner. But I was far too cool for that and I consider myself fairly handy around the house. I like home improvement projects if you know what I mean. All I needed to know about the HVAC warranty was that it was registered with the HVAC supplier on time. I think I had like a 85 or 88 window to get the modern HVAC component warranty registered. And oh yeah I was pretty proud of myself for knowing that detail. Turns out, I didn’t know half of it. So fast forward a few years and there appears to be a hiccup with the air conditioning unit one afternoon. The heat pump was running but no cooling, and I didn’t call the HVAC professionals but tried to figure it out on my own. No way, I don’t need an HVAC pro for that because I can do home improvement projects. I guess in my mind that somehow equated to years of particular HVAC training and certifications. Of course, I only made it worse and I had to end up calling the HVAC dealership. Had I learned the HVAC warranty, I’d have called the HVAC pros from the jump. And I would also still have a warranty on my HVAC equipment. But I voided that by toiling on the HVAC component myself.

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