Ready for the cooling waters of the sea

It is not easy to plop into the 57F sea each morning, but I do it regardless and end up feeling better each time.

It is even more of a shock now that the air temps are warm, but the cold water does wonders for my joints and my overall energy, so I keep doing it each day no matter how I feel.

I think there is something beneficial about the cold salt water on the body and therefore I make sure I go in the sea every single day the whole fall and winter seasons. The cooling supplier does the dip too and got me to do it with her after we worked together on heat pumps and both had sore knees from doing the work. I felt a lot better after the first few times going in the cold water so I kept up with it and am happy I did. I think that when I work on ductwork and am bending down a lot, the cold water helps my joints to recover faster from the water, cooling them down and relieving the swelling and inflammation. I also stopped eating all sugars a few years ago and I think that has something to do with my knees feeling better. The water is heating up slowly though and it won’t be long till the cold water dips are done for the summer. I will keep going in the water the whole summer so that I stay on track and keep up the habit of doing the cold water swims in the winter.



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